Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ups, Downs, and a few Firsts...

Its been a week full of firsts, as well as some ups and downs.

We'll start with firsts. Rowen went on her first walk in her stroller this week. Not sure if she liked or not because she immediately fell asleep.. I guess its better than screaming!

 I also managed to get a picture of her smiling (Kind of. I was a little early) for the first time this week. I love her little toothless smile! It makes my heart melt every time.

Now on to the ups!

Rowen loves baths! The first bath was horrible. She screamed and screamed. But they have progressively been getting much more pleasant for both of us... She even fell asleep during her last one :)

..and for those wondering.. this is what she looks like post-bath before her hair gradually starts sticking straight up again...Colin calls this her "old man hair". Apparently only old men can have side parts haha.

And well...the downs.. we still arent sleeping... Rowen is currently going through her 6 week growth spurt. She wants to eat all of the time, and even though she is exhausted, will not go to sleep!

Luckily, thanks to a mommy group I am a part of, we have discovered the Happiest baby on the Block( HBOTB).

 This is Dr. Harvey Karp, the man who developed HBOTB. I like to refer to him as the baby whisperer and Colin calls him a witch doctor.

 At first I thought he was some loon who came up with another "make your baby sleep for the low price of $39.95" programs that are ridiculous and dont work. After watching the video and trying out his methods, I want to hunt him down and give him a hug..maybe a nice box of chocolates as well.  And the best part, I got the video for free!

It emphasizes swaddling, shooshing/white noise and "jiggling" the baby (NOT SHAKING haha!) to mimick the movements they felt in utero. Its not a full proof system, but it definitely calms her down 9 times out of 10 and if we shoosh long enough she passes least for  a little while! Colin is much better at it than I am too!

I'm hoping that as soon as we get past this crazy, psychotic fuss-fest, that we can start trying to get her on somewhat of a schedule!

In other news, she is outgrowing her newborn clothes and I am heartbroken! She is growing up way too fast!

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