Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Big Ones

Rowen had her 1 month appointment today. She has gained 3 lbs 2 oz in one month!! She has also gained 31/2 inches. This puts her in the 57th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight. I am so glad that she is growing so well.
Our chunky monkey after her appointment

We also found out that she has been congested because she has acid reflux. Luckily, since it is not affecting her weight gain and doesn't make her miserable, the pediatrician said there is no need to put her on Zantac or anything. All we have to do is adjust her feeding and sleeping habits a little bit, but no big deal :)

She is also able to lift her head up during tummy time which we are happy about. And she almost rolled over yesterday. She is growing so fast! I'm so excited to watch her meet milestones, but I wish she would slow down and just stay little... at least for a little while longer!

Dad apologizing for her inheriting his crazy hair :)

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