Saturday, February 25, 2012

Couch-to-5k, Cuddles, Cupcakes, and Cloth Diapers

Boxing in her sleep

This week has been one of those weeks where it seems like a lot has happened, but at the same time, nothing really happened.

I started the Couch to 5k running program this week. It is a 6 week program that gets you basically from being a couch potato to being able to run a 5k...hence the name :) Its a lot harder, and I am way more out of shape than I thought I was, but the end result will be worth it! If you are interested in the program click here :) I love this program because it is something that I can do with Rowen. With Colin already running everyday, he is able to join us as well. Its awesome.
Ready to go running!

Being sick sucks. I was sick on Tuesday and ended up coming home after I took an exam that morning. Colin has been sick since Wednesday :(. The only good thing about being sick, is being able to cuddle with Rowen. We spent a good majority of the day Tuesday in bed. She loves when being talked to and kissed on the cheeks. She even "talks" back now and flashes huge smiles :) I love it!

We started cloth diapers this weekend and I LOVE THEM!! When people think cloth diapers, usually a piece of fabric and safety pins come to mind... but boy are they wrong! Cloth diapers have evolved so much!
We are using prefolds and all in 1(AIO) and all in 2's (AI2) as covers. Prefolds are the piece of fabic that used to be safety pinned. AIO and AI2 look like regular diapers, they are just cloth and you button them over the prefolds.
This is a prefold folded in the "bikini twist" style, which we use.

This is the AIO/AI2 we use as a cover

Why cloth diapers you might ask?
1. Less diapers filling up landfills
2. No chemicals like in disposables which means they are safer for baby's butt
3. Less diaper rashes!
4. Baby butts are SUPER CUTE in cloth diapers

How cute it this!!

and the main reason:

5. $$$$$

I paid right around $200 for our cloth diaper stash. I know that may seem like a lot, but its not at all. Especially since we will not have to buy diapers ever again. Our stash consists of only one size diapers. This means that they are adjustable to fit until your baby is potty trained!

We were spending $40 every 2 weeks on disposable diapers.
I'll just run the numbers for you:

$80/month x 12 months in a year x 2 years = $1920
And thats only if she is potty trained at 2 years.

$200 upfront + 1 more load of laundry a week

Yes. They are a little bit more work than disposables, but they have already paid for themselves just with how much we have saved by not having to buy diapers every 2 weeks. We are only doing them part time for now, since we still have close to 600 Huggies we got from my mom to go through :)

As most of you know we have a love of cupcakes in this house. Since Rowen's in utero nickname was cupcake, we have accumulated quite a bit of cupcake clothing, piggy banks, car seat covers, etc.
Since she has outgrown her newborn clothes (tear :( ), we have actually been able to put her in some of the cupcake clothes. Here are some pictures of our little cupcake in her cupcake gear :)

Gotta have cupcake PJs!

Cupcake onsie with MC Hammer pants-courtesy of her cloth diaper :)

Dad and Ro-D playing right before her bed time story which just happened to be....

In other news, Rowen got a new swing thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Rick! Its awesome. It has a little canopy around it on which a lighted mobile projects butterflies on :) Thanks again!!

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