Monday, May 7, 2012

Its Monday!

And as promised, here is a new blog post!

I know its been a month since my last actual blog. Sorry! Things have been crazy. I have had school projects, work, and house hunting. Thank goodness all of that is about to die down after this week. Finals will be over on Thursday!

As some of you know, we found somewhere to live! Hooray! We actually moved back into our old apartment.. yes the exact same one as we lived in a year ago. You know that feeling you get when you just know you are home? That's the way I felt when we walked in after getting our keys. It was empty, but somehow, I still felt more at home than I have the entire past year. I love it here. This was mine and Colin's first apartment together that we had all to ourselves. The year we spent here was one of the best of my life. I was so upset, I cried the entire time we were moving our stuff out last summer. I am so glad that I stumbled upon the ad about it being for rent again, and I am so excited that Rowen gets to spend the first year of her life in a place that has so many wonderful memories and means so much to me.
We are a little cramped, since it is a one bedroom, but it is so worth it, both emotionally and financially :)

Rowen is 4 months old. When on earth did that happen?! She manages to melt our hearts a little more everday. She absolutely loves watching Top Gear (British version) and the Muppets, sitting in her Bumbo, and the dogs. She talks ALL.THE.TIME. She sings and giggles. She is such an awesome little girl!

She rolled over for this month. That was awesome! And she had her first bubble bath :)
She is growing so fast, it kills me. But it is so cool to see her advance and meet milestones.

I just have to show off my VERY FIRST MOTHERS DAY present :) We did a gift exchange in my mommy group, and this is what I got. I am absolutely in love with it :)


This is the
one and only time that Rowen has let me put a bow in her hair :)

Rowen has her 4 month appointment on Friday :) I will update after!

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