Friday, May 25, 2012

12 days...

...Since my last post. I thought with being out of school I would be better at updating.. obviously not!

So many things have happened!

I celebrated my first mothers day . The day was spent cuddling on the couch, watching Harry Potter movies, and Colin making dinner. It may not have been considered much by others, but it was absolutely perfect..

We announced our engagement...finally... We have techically been engaged since December. I dont know why we dont just tell people when things happen.. It must be our style or something. But yes, we are planning a wedding for September 2013, and I am so excited and already in planning mode.

Rowen went swimming for the first time. It was so much fun and Rowen did so good. I was terrified that she was going to freak out when we got in the pool but she didnt. She loved it and was very upset when we took her out. Hopefully we will go again this weekend :)

I started a new job. I work 20 hours in my old office, and 20 hours upstairs in a new office. Its not the most exciting, but it pays the bills. I have had nothing to do the past week, so I have been wedding planning :). Maybe I will start writing my blogs instead of wasting time haha.

We are still in the process of unpacking... I dont know if we will ever finish.. nor do I really care haha.

When I get off I would much rather spend time with my family than unpacking... Monday is a holiday, maybe I will get something productive accomplished. But probably not.

Colin and I went on a date :) We went to watch the Avengers. It was awesome. Thanks again to Sarah for babysitting! I am still planning on baking you cookies :)

 This is what I wake up to most mornings... How Rowen is a morning person, I do not know, but this sure does make it easier to get up :)

I love these two so so much <3

I am also in the process of typing my first, actual post for my other blog! So keep an eye out for that :)

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