Monday, January 23, 2012

Where has the time gone?!

O wow. I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog! Rowen will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday and I can not believe it! I will try to get everyone all caught up on our past 3 weeks with our little cupcake.
Goofy Face!

Rowen had her newborn check-up on the 9th and had already gained 4oz from her birth weight and 2 inches! The pediatrician was delightfully surprised since babies usually lose weight when they go home. As happy as I am that she is thriving, it makes me a little sad because it just goes to show how fast they really do grow!

The day after her pediatrician appointment, we made the journey to Farmington to show off our new little bundle. Sorry to everyone we weren't able to see, we will be back in March though! Rowen is a wonderful traveler and slept pretty much the entire way up there and back! She got to meet and cuddle with Colin's parents, meet her cousins, and of course her aunts and uncles. Mom and Dad even got to go to a movie. It was wonderful.
Asleep in the carseat

Since being back home, we have done a whole lot of nothing! Mom and Rowen spent the last few days, before school and work started up again, cuddling in bed.
Its amazing how much I love this little girl

Going back to school and work has been hard. I hate leaving in the mornings and cant wait to get home at night. It is getting easier but I am getting used to it. I am super jealous that Daddy gets to stay at home with Ro-D all day long!

Hmm.. what else.. O! We went on our first Outlet shopping trip and bought her a stroller finally! We got a Jeep jogging stroller and I can not wait until its warm enough to use it!

Showing off her dimples :)

Nothing too exciting has been going on.... we are really just adjusting to being parents and taking each day as it comes :) I will do my best to keep this more up to date!
Thanks Rach for these!

And here is my big, almost 3 week-old asleep on my lap. I love these moments.

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