Sunday, January 8, 2012

3 days home already and...

...boy are we tired, but so in love with our little girl.

I knew that I was going to be sleep deprived, but man, I didn't know it was going to be this bad! Rowen teased us the night we spent in the hospital and slept for 5 hours straight. We thought we were lucky and that she was going to keep that kind of schedule but we were seriously wrong.

The first night was MISERABLE! She did not want to sleep at all. She screamed and screamed and screamed some more. It got to the point that we were getting up every half an hour or less to try to get her to stop. We ended up putting her in between us in her Boppy, which made it much easier to pick her up when she started crying.

The second night was just as bad, except this time all she wanted to do was eat. In between the constant feedings, I was getting maybe 15 minutes of sleep at a time. We tried the Boppy tactic again, but even that didnt work. She was in my arms pretty much the entire night.

Last night was such a relief! She was not fussy at all and actually slept. And she actually slept in her crib, for a good part of the night which was awesome!

Rowen has such a little personality already. She loves sleeping on her daddy's chest and yelling at him. It is the cutest thing ever. We spend most of the day on the couch and she hangs out in her Boppy. She loves to snuggle, which is awesome because snuggling with her is pretty much my favorite thing ever. She makes the funniest faces and has the prettiest grey eyes. I am in awe of how beautiful she is and find myself staring at her all of the time.

We cant wait for everyone to meet her.

Here are some pictures from the past 3 days:

We get to go home! She obviously was not happy about being in her car seat.

Chilling on the Boppy

Sleeping with dad. This happens every morning :)

Hanging out in bed with mom

Our little Lovebug

Our first "going out" outfit. We went shopping and she did not like it. 
Looks like mom has some training to do :)

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  1. I love picturing her yelling at daddy! She's so adorable Kaydee :)