Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 Month Check Up and Shots

Well we just got back from Rowen's 2 month wellness appointment.

Our little cupcake is now weighing in at 11 lbs 12 oz and is 23 1/4 inches long. Thats 50th percentile for weight and 75th for her height.

She also got 3 shots and her rotovirus virus vaccination. The rotovirus vaccs is given orally and she was not happy about that..and well the shots.. Im sure you can imagine... Mom even teared up when she started crying. Its a good thing Colin was holding her, because I would have been a mess! I need to get used to this..

I took the rest of the day off to stay home and help Colin because I figured she would be fussy. But she actually hasnt been very bad. Just sleepy and a little fussy.

Anyway, I off to go snuggle with this..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Um... what? 2 months old, overalls, and J12 friends...

Rowen is 2 months old... yep.. 2.. and boy has the time flown!

This is her "sumo face"

In 2 months, Rowen has at least doubled in size (we will find out the exact numbers at her 2 month check up on Thursday). She has outgrown her newborn clothes. She has evolved from a quiet, sleeping, baby, to a very vocal, smiley, and sometimes screaming baby.
She can hold her head up for longs periods of time, and like to look at mom and dad and smile.She is still not a fan of tummy time, but we are working on it. Rowen is very much a "swing potato". She absolutely loves looking at the mobile on her swing. But she still loves to cuddle up on mommy and daddy's chests too :)

Rowen and I, Jacqueline and Micah (aka 2.0), and Gavriella and Eli

We went on our first "play date". It was actually lunch with a few women that I met through my internet mommy group, who happen to live in El Paso.  The daddy's got to join in on the fun too :)
Hanging out with Daddy at our get together lunch

  Rowen even got to get dressed up in her first pair of Osk Kosh overalls and her first pair of shoes. Colin said she looked like Punky Brewster, but I think she is adorable!

 My mommy group is pretty much awesome. They have been such a huge source of support throughout the pregnancy as well as now with all of the first time parent fears. with 193 members, there is such a wide array of personalities, occupations, etc there is almost always someone who can answer any questions that you might have, as well as provide hours of entertainment. I absolutely love my J12 mamas!

One of our mom's who lives in Namibia made this video of her son! It is so freaking cute. I have literally watched it at least 10 times :) Go watch it now!

Our group also does little exchanges with each other. Right now we are in the middle of a blanket exchange. Rowen got her blanket from J12 mama Victoria and her baby Piper on Saturday. It is so soft! I love..I mean... Rowen loves it :)

Blanket from Victoria and Piper :)

Cloth diapering has been going great! It is so much easier than I think both Colin and I though its was going to be. We have been in nothing but cloth since we started last weekend and I couldn't be happier. I really wanted this to work out for us because of how much money it has been saving us (~$100/month) so I'm ecstatic that we haven't had any problems!

We have started to look for a new place to live, since our lease is up in May and we are ready for it just to be the 3 of us...well 5 including Reesey and Belly. I am so excited to be on our own, in our own house, with our own space! We have been cramped into one bedroom, so it will be wonderful to actually have space to put stuff!

Other than growing, nothing too exciting has been going on.. I will update on Thursday after her check up!

Oooo! We are excited for our trip home in a few weeks and are so ready to see everyone...