Thursday, October 4, 2012

9 months

I can not believe that my little baby is 9 months old already! What the heck happened?!

In the last month Rowen has been getting into everything! The second we put her down, she is off messing with something. She loves to pull the kitchen towels off of the oven handle. Playing with the remotes, Daddy's Xbox controller, laptops, and just about anything on the coffee table keeps her pretty busy.

She is now a pro crawler, and my goodness she is FAST.  You look away for half of a second and she is gone! And much to the dogs dismay, she loves to go after them. She is also a pro at pulling herself up to the couch, so they cant even seek refuge there anymore. No where is safe!

As of yesterday, she has decided that its cool to stand on her own. This terrifies me. Between that, and her dragging/pushing around a walker toy her Auntie Erin gave her, Im beginning to think that walking is in the near future...and I am not ready for that!

We have been trying to transition completely away from pureed food. She now gets pear slices, sweet potato slices,  broccoli, among other things.

Also this week, she is  now the proud owner of not one, but TWO teeth!

I am just in shock. I can not believe how fast she is growing up. Its so awesome to watch her explore and learn new things.

She has her 9 month wellness appointment tomorrow morning. I will update with stats after :)

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