Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 months and First word!

Hi everyone!!

It has been so difficult to keep up with this lately! Planning a wedding, work, and trying to keep up with a mobile 7 month old doesnt leave very much time for blogging!

We officially have a crawler! Rowen is crawling, pulling herself up on stuff, and getting into stuff she shouldn't be! It has definitely been hectic.
She is "talking" more and more. She has been saying "mama" all day!

Rowen had her 6 month appointment last week. She was already technically 7 months.

She is weighing in at 16 pounds 7 ounces and is 26.25in tall! She is growing so fast!

Here are some pictures and a couple videos :)
After a bath

Colin has been taking Rowen jogging every morning. This is her jogging suit!

First time seeing rain.

Silliness in the kitchen while mom cooks.

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